CIS manufactures a range of specialist cryogenic components suitable for temperatures of -200ºC, this includes high pressure stainless steel and vacuum jacket pipe work.

Bulk Head Fittings

These are fittings to insulate cryogenic lines through ship bulk heads.

Check Valves

These are extreme pressure non-return valves for discharge pipe work.

High Pressure Pipe Work

This is extreme pressure stainless steel pipe work which is custom bent and weld. It can be made with a variety of high pressure fittings.

Relief Valves

These are extreme pressure relief valves suitable for both cryogenic liquid and gas flow.


These are low pressure suction hoses which are used to isolate pump vibration.

Full Flow Relief Valve

These are low pressure full flow cryogenic liquid or gas relief valves used to protect the shell side of vaporisers in the event of a high pressure leak.

Hose Spinners

These are used to connect hoses to cylinders and are designed for hand tightening. They are manufactured from  stainless steel to reduce thread wear.

Non-Return Valve

This is a low pressure flapper type check valve used on the suction side of cryogenic pumps to direct flow.

VJ Pipe Work

This is highly insulated suction pipe work designed to reduce heat input into cryogenic liquids.