CRPE 300 Power End

The CRPE 300 power end is used for Pipe Line and Purging and Well Service. It is manufactured in one size with either external or internal lubrication and can paired with a variety of cold ends. This pump is similar to CS&P and Cryomec power ends.

Please select the pump and cold end based on the following parameters. Please contact us if you require any further information.

CRPE 300/3  – 3 Cylinder Pump

  • Maximum Power: 210 hp (157 kw)
Cold EndMax. Working Pressure PSI [Bar]
Max. Nitrogen Flow Rate SCFM [NM3/Min]
CR1125 Cold End15000 [1034]2000 [57]
CR4162 Cold End10000 [690]3000 [85.00]

For further details about this power end please contact us here, or view the CRPE300-3-BOM and/or CRPE300-3-ASSY.