Hoses & Fittings

CIS manufacture a large range of hoses and fittings.Most fittings can be made in Bronze or Stainless Steel for welding. We also make cross overs between the various types of fittings. Additionally we can manufacture unique specialist parts if required. Please contact us if you would like any further information or a modified fitting.

Please select from the following categories for further information:

Hose Types & Connections

Transfer hoses – stainless steel, pro coil, compoflex and vacuum jacket

NIT Fittings

Nitrogen fittings to American CGA specifications

BOC Fittings

Nitrogen fittings to British BOC specifications

EIGA Fittings

Nitrogen fittings to European EIGA specifications

LNG Fittings

Liquid natural gas fittings to American CGA specifications

CO2 Fittings

Carbon dioxide fittings to American CGA specifications or to British specifications