Modular Cylinder Filling System (MCFS)

We are in the process of developing a modular cylinder filling system (MCFS). The key design features are as follows:

  • User Friendly –¬†Ideal for people with limited prior knowledge of gas filling
  • Plug and Play– The unit will be supplied, tested and ready to use, so the user simply has to connect to a tank and the electrics, and then can fill bottles
  • Efficient – Low electric power requirements (7.5 KW, 3 phase, 400-430 V)
  • Transportable – The unit comes in one module which is transportable in a normal ISO container for secure global transport
  • Versatile – The unit can be set up to pump Nitrogen, Argon or Oxygen, depending on the customers requirement
  • Safe –¬†The unit is specifically designed for operators safety especially during oxygen filling operations