Repair & Rebuild

We have a policy of repairing cold ends as follows:

 1) If your cold ends are coming from outside the UK, we ask that you advise us of the shipping details including the airway bill number to allow us to bring the goods into the country for repair without paying duty or VAT.

2) We disassemble the cold ends, clean them, and determine what repairs are necessary. At this stage we will send you a quotation for the repair as well as a short summary of the problems. Only if you decide to go ahead with the repair will we proceed.

3) We offer a standard rebuild charge for all of the common cold ends to include:

  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning by solvent, washing and bead blasting
  • Machine grinding, lapping and polishing of suitable valve surfaces
  • Reassembling with all new seals, piston rings and O-rings
  • Air testing the discharge valve, suction valve and body seals
  • Packaging in a secure sleeve with silica gel to prevent any dirt or moisture contamination

Any additional parts will be included in your quotation.